On the Road Again

By Klara: After a few days apart, I'm now back with Anthony jamming it out in Brutus. No matter how hard I tried to, I simply couldn't stay away longer. I've missed his refreshing views on life and the many life lessons. Once you meet Anthony, there is no going back to the life you... Continue Reading →

A life-changing meeting!

By Dani: Sticking to plans while travelling has become way to mainstream and to be fair, plans never work out anyway. So why not just deciding to go with the flow and accept every possible opportunity? Never could I have been more certain that this was the right set of mind when I talked on... Continue Reading →

Thank You

By Klara: An era has come to an end. This morning it was time to say goodbye to this amazing group after 3 weeks traveling together as a family. Anthony said from the very beginning that we would all love each other by the end, and I didn't believe him for a second. How could... Continue Reading →

Share Your Story

By Reeta & Klara: Ever wonder why this blog exists? Two weeks ago we met an inspiring person, Anthony Melville. His life story and what he does for backpackers is so outstanding that we simply can't hide it from the world. If you have ever been apart of this incredible journey with him and feel... Continue Reading →

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